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    Morocco to Allocate Over $4 Billion Annually for Infrastructure Upgrades-Morocco

    The budget is set to finance a series of projects over the coming decade, notably in the fields of water supply, ports, and railways.

    15 Jul 2020

    Rabat – Morocco’s Mnistry of Equipment, Transport, and Logistics is set to invest an annual budget of MAD 40 billion ($4.16 billion) throughout the coming decade to finance infrastructure projects.

    Minister of Equipment Abdelkader Amara made the announcement during a parliamentary session at the House of Representatives on Monday, July 13.

    The ministry is currently focusing on water infrastructure projects, under Morocco’s 2020-2027 water plan that King Mohammed VI launched on January 13.

    According to Amara, the recently-approved amendments to the 2020 Finance Bill did not affect the ministry’s investments. The 2020 water projects will continue as planned.

    “The ministry is concerned with MAD 61 billion ($6.35 billion) for developing water supply and strengthening drinking water in rural areas, in coordination with other ministries, with a budget of MAD 27 billion ($2.81 billion),” Amara said.

    The announced budget “does not include the projects of small dams that we will launch,” he added.

    In addition to water projects, the ministry is developing several ports, including the Nador West Mrd Port, which cost a budget of MAD 9 billion ($937 million) and is near completion.

    The ministry is also looking to establish a public-private partnership for the management of the new Kenitra Atlantic Port. The partnership’s budget will reach MAD 5 billion ($520 million).

    The construction project of the Dakhla Atlantic Port in southern Morocco is ongoing and will cost a total budget of MAD 10 billion ($1.04 billion), Amara added.

    In terms of railways, the ministry will create two connections for transporting cargo with the ports of Nador and Safi. The first railway will cost MAD 3.2 billion ($333 million), while the second will have a budget of MAD 300 million ($31.2 million).

    As for the Marrakech-Agadir railway, the project remains in its study phase, Amara said.

    Finally, ongoing logistics zones across Morocco will cost more than MAD 650 million ($67.7 million), the minister continued.

    “We will work on a logistics zone near Ait Melloul over 172 hectares for a cost of MAD 350 million ($36.4 million),” he said.

    A second logistics zone will be built in Kenitra over an area of 18 hectares.

    The Ras El Ma logistics zone, planned in the Fez-Meknes region, will cover 100 hectares and cost MAD 300 million ($31.2 million), Amara concluded.


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