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    Establishment in Athens of Greek-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Business Development

    16 Jul 2020

    Athens - The newly created Greek-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Business Development is a platform jointly carried by companies from both countries to further boost trade, the Moroccan embassy in Greece said Wednesday.

    The Chamber's mission will include further boosting commercial exchanges and increasing bilateral economic relations as well as offering several services to businesses, notably access to a wide range of relevant contacts and up-to-date information on investment and trade in both countries, the embassy said in a statement.

    The Greek-Moroccan Chamber of Commerce and Business Development will also have the role of being a reference point for Moroccan trade missions to Greece and Greek companies in Morocco, noted the same source.

    The Greek-Moroccan Chamber of Entrepreneurial Cooperation, founded and chaired by Rubina Markopoulou, will have the prerogative to collaborate with similar and counterpart organizations in Morocco and Greece and will also offer networking opportunities and B2B meetings benefiting economic actors in both countries, thanks to the strategic partnership between Morocco and the European Union, according to the statement.

    The creation of this Chamber at the initiative of the Moroccan embassy in Greece, comes at the end of a process of more than a year which was crowned by the registration in the Greek General Register of Commerce, said the statement, noting that this initiative has been achieved despite the difficulties related to the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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