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    Royal Air Maroc Announces Prices for Special International Flights

    16 Jul 2020

    While reserving a round trip ticket during summer is already much more expensive than other seasons, the company’s prices for destinations close to Morocco such as Algeria and Tunisia appear higher than usual.

    Rabat – Morocco’s flag carrierRoyal Air Maroc (RAM) announced fixed prices for its special flights operation, seeking to facilitate the return or departure of Moroccans, foreign residents, and their families.

    The company said its list of prices has been “well studied” in order to meet customer demand.

    RAM stressed that the prices will remain lower than “the rates charged in general during the summer.”

    The list of the prices show round-trip flights tickets for France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Belgium available at MAD 5,500 ($575). Meanwhile, round trip flights for Spain will cost MAD 3,900 ($408).

    Round-trip flights tickets for Germany and the UK are available at MAD 600 ($63), while tickets for Turkey cost MAD 6,500 ($679).

    Round-trip tickets for Russia are set at MAD 9,900 ($1,035).

    In the Maghreb, round trip tickets for Algeria or Tunisia cost MAD 3,900 ($408).

    For the Middle East, round trip tickets for Saudi Arabia and Qatar are available at MAD 10,900 ($1,139), while roundtrip tickets for Egypt are available at MAD 7,500 ($784).

    Round trip tickets for Oman stand at MAD 14,900 ($1,557), while a round-trip flight ticket for the UAE costs MAD 12,900 ($1,348).

    In Africa, RAM’s round-trip tickets for Senegal and Mauritania are priced at MAD 5,500 ($575).

    A round trip for Cote d’Ivoire costs MAD 7,500 ($784) while a round trip to and from Gabon stands at MAD 17,000 ($1,777).

    RAM’s North America flights include two destinations: Canada and the US.

    A round trip ticket for Canada is MAD 10,500 ($1,097), while a round trip flight ticket for the US is MAD 13,000 ($1,359).

    It is standard to expect ticket prices to increase during the summer season, but RAM’s special tickets for some destinations are even more than usual high season costs.

    Royal Air Maroc's flights within the special operation follow the government’s decision to reopen borders for citizens, foreign residents living in Morocco, and their families, in line with the country’s lockdown easing strategy.

    Starting Wednesday, RAM’s fleet will operate to and from the mentioned destinations to bring back Moroccans wishing to return to their homeland, and allow the same demographics to leave Morocco.

    RAM is among many companies facing heavy economic consequences due to the COVID-19 crisis. The company said it has been losing $109.1 million every month since the start of the pandemic.

    The company asked the government for financial assistance to mitigate its losses. The government announced recently an exceptional allocation of MAD 6 billion ($624.8 million) to support the flag carrier.


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