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    Royal Air Maroc to Lay Off 858 Employees, Sell Fleet to Combat COVID-19 Crisis-Morocco

    The decision is part of the company’s recovery plan amid the COVID-19 crisis.

    23 Jul 2020

    Rabat – Royal Air Maroc (RAM) pilots expressed concerns after the company decided to cut down its staffing numbers as part of the recovery plan to combat COVID-19 crisis.

    Moroccan television channel 2M quoted a press release from the Moroccan Association of Airline Pilots (AMPL), conveying the concerns of RAM staff.

    While the employees say they are aware of the impact of the current crisis at Royal Air Maroc due to COVID-19, the staff are unhappy with the company’s decision to “sacrifice” its skilled human resources.

    As part of its recovery plan, Royal Air Maroc has reportedly decided to sell some of its fleet, in addition to eliminating several air routes and stopovers.

    The measures also included the reduction of the company’s staff, with a total of 858 employees, including pilots, facing redundancy.

    AMPL questioned whether the recovery plans needs RAM to“let go of its job aid by selling planes and sacrifice” expertise by “laying off their staff?”

    The press release conveyed the pilots determination and willingness to “work by all means to preserve the influence of the national carrier in the short, medium, and long term” for a revival “which will be long and binding.”

    AMPL also said its pilots “promise to be even more united and responsible.”

    Most of RAM’s fleet have been on hold for more than two months after Morocco decided to close borders to contain the spread of COVID-19.

    A handful of planes from the company’s fleet have been operating for cargo shipments and repatriation of stranded citizens.

    The suspension of air activities caused the company to lose MAD 50 million ($ 5 million) per day.

    RAM CEO Abdelhamid Addou warned that the COVID-19 crisis is the “worst” in the company’s history.

    Now with the lockdown easing, the flag carrier is resuming both domestic and international activities through special flights.


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