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    Grand New Development Program For Moroccan Highways

    As a result of the partnership with highway stakeholders, growth management on a national scale will be improved.

    17 Aug 2021

    Rabat - The Moroccan National Highway Company (ADM) is beginning to restructure its highway network, with the objective of modernizing its infrastructure during the summer.

    The company is aiming to modernize Moroccan highway infrastructure through comprehensive digitization efforts, reports local media.

    The company’s reforms will affect customer-facing offers, widespread automation of its toll network, as well as a more thorough information campaign.

    Currently, Moroccan traffic stands at about 400,000 vehicles a day, equivalent to approximately 1.2 million passengers each day. In certain circumstances, such as holidays, school vacations, or summer seasons, traffic can reach as many as 500,000 vehicles a day, “generating queues at some toll plazas,” according to ADM.

    As a result of the partnership with highway stakeholders, growth management on a national scale will be improved.

    ADM says that it is now adopting a 'total vigilance system,' which means that the highway operator will strengthen traffic management teams at centralized and regional locations.

    The company has recently installed a new high-tech central control room with the latest technological machinery and systems.

    This room will allow the supervision of traffic on the entire national highway network, in addition to the quick tracking of incidents, in addition to ensuring the communication and quality coordination with all the workers on the highway network.

    The company also plans to initiate animation campaigns in the main toll plazas and service areas, aimed at democratizing the automatic payment method Jawaz.

    In the summer, it is also expected to make preliminary interventions such as maintaining the infrastructure equipment, resuming signals, repairing restraint devices, and others.

    It will also involve the organization of communication campaigns and awareness of highway users to encourage them to adopt the right behavior.

    The places of relaxation and services offered to users will also be improved. The achievement of these objectives will be done with the collaboration of the Royal Gendarmerie, the Civil Protection, the assistance teams and all the partners.

    In addition, several other initiatives, such as the construction of first aid stations along highways, are already underway. The ADM also has a Facebook page that favors interaction with customer-users and keeps them informed of all news and useful information.

    Morocco currently has a 1,334-kilometer-long network of toll-free expressways, and an additional 739 kilometers under construction. While they are usually not as large as controlled-access highways, expressways are also known for being smooth and safe for drivers.

    One of the largest ongoing projects is the Tiznit-Laayoune toll-free motorway. The 550-kilometer road will link Tiznit, approximately 100 kilometers south of Agadir, to Laayoune in the south of the country.


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