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    Platform Capital invests in Yahshud Property

    11 Oct 2021

    Platform Capital has announce its investment in Yahshud Property Limited. (“Yahshud”), an emerging company focused on the provision of an alternative platform for small investors with limited capital to add real estate to their investment portfolio and participate in a typically sophisticated segment with, high barriers to entry.

    “With strategic alignment towards significantly reducing the housing deficit in the African continent due to its high population growth, urbanization, rising costs and poor planning, Platform Capital firmly stands by Yahshud’s mission to lead the disruption of the high entry barriers into real estate investment and also create ethical wealth distribution and social impact through the provision of alternative finance for affordable housing developments.

    “Yahshud’s crowd funding solution is focused on providing transparency and efficiency to the real estate investment process and directly connects reputable real estate developers to retail investors through sharia complaint and risk-sharing finance. Low minimum investment amounts and a broad range of investment options also means investors have an opportunity to assemble a diverse portfolio of property investments based on the ethical values of Islamic finance.

    Strong collaborations are created by strong organizations for sustained positive impact. As part of their commitment to deploying patient, flexible, value accretive capital to create and build great companies that deliver both financial return and measurable impact, the investment from Platform Capital will further enhance the management team, onboard new partners, improve its technology, and support the company’s future expansion across Africa, “it stated in a statement.

    It added that as part of Platform’s investment, Chairman of Platform Capital, Dr. Akintoye Akindele, will join the board as Chairman; and Bowofade Elegbede, Vice President of the Technology Investment Group at Platform Capital also joins the board.

    Commenting, Co-founder & Managing Director, Yahshud Property Limited, Abdul-Jabbar Oyekan, said “We are super excited about the future and working with Platform Capital in the next phase of our journey.

    The real estate sector in Nigeria is in dire need of change and in partnership with Platform Capital, Yahshud will make the first steps to ensure that affordable housing can be easily accessible to all Nigerians. This synergy and support will allow us to not only survive the current market but to stay active and position ourselves to implement the Yahshud solution across Africa.

    “As such, we are confident that this move with Platform Capital is the right one. Our transparency, objectives overlap on different levels ensuring we operate with the utmost degree of fairness, and efficiency toward participants in the financial ecosystem. The Platform Capital Investment rep resents a new direction for Yahshud and the entire real estate investment sector in Africa. Our strategy combined with our ethical business model, and highly qualified and dedicated employees provide a solid base for resilience, profitable growth, and soci al impact”.


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