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    EU liaises with Morocco to study investment possibilities in Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project

    10 Aug 2022

    The European Union has reached out to the kingdom of Morocco to study possibilities to invest in the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project that will connect up to Spain, in view of replacing Russia which is using its gas as political weapon.

    The move came after Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari called on European Union countries and the United Kingdom to invest in this Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline in order to solve the energy crisis situation and provide energy security for African countries, in addition to Europe and other Western countries, local Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reported this Tuesday, August 9.

    The Nigerian leader, the daily in Arabic noted, invited Europeans to establish a long-term partnership in order to concretize “this project which would help to solve the energy crisis situation in the Old Continent”. The interest of the EU in the Morocco-Nigeria project has recently become more apparent as the bloc seeks to replace Russia as its largest gas supplier.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in response to western sanctions has slashed the gas supply to Europe.

    Morocco and Nigeria launched in 2017 the off-shore project that will benefit 13 African countries and that is seen as a strategic undertaking for regional integration in West Africa, bearing positive impacts on the socio-economic development of all countries in the region.

    The project backed by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), is viewed as regional cooperation and energy diversification in West Africa.

    Morocco and Nigeria held talks on the project early June in Rabat on the sidelines of the 1st ministerial meeting of Atlantic African States, that was attended by Nigerian FM Geoffrey Onyeama.


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