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    USAID, OCP Group Discuss Impacts of High Energy Costs

    OCP CEO Terrab and USAID’s Samantha Power discussed ways to work together more closely on food security and fertilizer distribution.

    12 Aug 2022

    Rabat - Given the current global energy crisis, USAID Administrator Samantha Power met with Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO of Morocco’s phosphate and fertilizer giant OCP Group to examine the impacts of rising energy costs on the fertilizer sector, as a result of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

    During their meeting on Wednesday, August 10, Terrab and Power, the former US Representative at the UN, shed light on the significance of directing promotional fertilizer to smallholder farmers who face tangible constraints due to fertilizer access and cost.

    Amid a global crisis in food and energy prices, Moroccan phosphate and fertilizer giant OCP Group has provided 550,000 metric tons of fertilizer as well as low-cost fertilizer to 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. A move that was applauded by the USAID administrator.

    The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, as well as lingering supply chain issues and the effects of the COVID-19 crisis have caused food and fuel prices to rise significantly in recent times.

    In this context, the two parties discussed how to work together more closely on food security and fertilizer distribution.

    Thanks to OCP’s expertise and resources, both parties aim to reach their goal and help ensure food security in Africa by improving agriculture.

    OCP Africa, a subsidiary of OCP Group, is vying to collaborate with farmers to unleash the continent’s agricultural potential.

    In 2021, the OCP Foundation collaborated with Bangladesh-based organizations to exchange knowledge about sustainable soil management, a program that helped 8,200 Bengalis, including 2,376 women.

    Since its creation in 2016, OCP Africa has positioned itself as a go-to corporate partner for African governments wishing to make the most of its abundant high-quality fertilizers and promote successful agricultural policies.

    Besides OCP’s charitable work, it invests in Africa on a vast scale. These investments include a multipurpose industrial platform in Nigeria. By 2025, both parties aim to generate 750,000 tons of ammonia and one million tons of phosphate fertilizers.

    With food security in mind, OCP Group has similarly teamed up with Ethiopia in order to boost agriculture production by combining local abundant natural gas resources with Moroccan phosphates.

    In 2019, the OCP Group established Pan-African Fertilizers, an Ethiopian affiliate of the phosphate company. The Ethiopian-Moroccan collaboration aims to raise East African agricultural output while also improving the quality of Ethiopian fertilizers.

    As a part of OCP Africa’s Commitment to assisting smallholder farmers, Morocco’s fertilizer behemoth OCP announced last month that it will provide the Gambia with 13.000 tonnes of fertilizer at a “special price.”

    In March, the OCP and the Nigerian delegation inked a series of agreements to strengthen collaboration in the fertilizer business.


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