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    52% of Migrants in Morocco Without Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

    The survey indicated that the negative attitudes migrants in Morocco had toward the COVID-19 vaccine were mainly fueled by their poor concerns regarding its adverse effects.

    24 Aug 2022

    Rabat - A recent survey by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has revealed that 52% of migrants in Morocco did not have access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

    IOM conducted the survey between January and July 2022 in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and Soudan, with the aim of promoting the “health and protection of migrants in vulnerable situations.”

    Among the 52% of migrants who did not have access to the vaccine, 70% did not want to get vaccinated, while 30% wanted to get the vaccine against COVID-19 but said they did not have access to it.

    Among those who refused to get the vaccine, 36% of the respondents said they had health concerns and were worried about the vaccine’s possible side effects. Meanwhile, 21% of them displayed a lack of knowledge regarding the vaccination, leading to a negative attitude and general mistrust.

    IOM Morocco offered financial support to nearly 800 migrants who were strongly impacted by the COVID-19 variant Omicron in the country, the survey added. The support program was an opportunity for the organization to distribute a questionnaire to 113 migrants and assess their knowledge and attitudes toward COVID-19 and its vaccine.

    The findings of the survey provided a better understanding of the attitudes of migrants toward the COVID-19 vaccine, said IOM Morocco, adding that it helped the organization and its partners adapt their health awareness campaigns for the benefit of migrants.

    IOM Morocco provides financial support to two Moroccan civil society organizations, the Moroccan Planning Association Family (AMPF) in Casablanca and the Association for the Fight Against Aids (ALCS) in Agadir, noted the survey.

    The associations offer migrants “medical, psychological, and humanitarian assistance,” as well as monthly campaigns to raise awareness about different diseases.


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